Why I reach for CSS before JavaScript in 2019

February 1st, 2019 | web development | 3 minutes

stack overflow why i reach for css before javascript in 2019

Is it always better to use CSS when possible instead of JS?

I love it when a Stack Overflow user asks a question like this in earnest.

“Of course it is!” everyone says. “Something something performance, something something MVC!”

Let’s take a look at some of the responses this question gets and see if they hold up:

Your styling should be done using CSS wherever possible—adam

This is a popular answer to the question. But it’s not an answer at all.

lebowski why i reach for css before javascript in 2019

Tell me: why should it be done this way? Why shouldn’t I use JavaScript to style something?

But most of all, it is a Bad Idea. CSS is for styling, for the looks of your page. HTML is for structure, and Javascript is for logic, interactivity.—GolezTrol

ah no why i reach for css before javascript in 2019

It’s 2019 and your quaint idea of keeping JavaScript to its own little “logic” realm is cute. JavaScript creates websites now. The body of my blog’s index.html is a single div.

CSS is faster… JS tends to be slower.—serakfalcon

Doing what? On what hardware / OS?

This answer has the potential for merit, but there are so many variables. Crappy code can make CSS or JS cripple your speed. Solid code can handle it one way or another. See: Myth Busting: CSS Animations vs. JavaScript—where the author of the JavaScript GreenSock Animation Platform shows how GSAP outperforms CSS animations.


  • It depends on what you’re doing
  • Measuring its performance is hard
  • jQuery != JavaScript
  • How you write it makes the biggest difference
  • And when all things are equal and optimized, it doesn’t matter.


It’s common for users to disable JavaScript.—James Donnelly

No. No, it’s not common.

Blockmetry says 0.2% of users disable JavaScript. Data from 10 years ago says 2% at most in the US, lower everywhere else.

Now that entire sites and applications are built from JavaScript bundles, the world has left this answer in the dust heap of time.

So why do I reach for CSS first?

That is to say, if I’d like to create a user interface on the web, why do I try to do it with CSS alone before reaching for JavaScript?

For me, there’s one reason: portability.

I’m presently working on three web projects: one in TypeScript, one in React, and one with jQuery. If I can design a UI with CSS alone, I can fly it into any project with ease.

An example: darken on hover

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